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The MOST coverage at the LOWEST cost.

Our independent advisors will shop the market for you!

Young or old... Make sure your loved ones never have to worry.


Term Insurance

Low cost, high amount of temporary coverage


Permanent Insurance

Build intergenerational wealth and a tax-free legacy


Final Expense

Allow your loved ones time to grieve


Incorporated Professionals

Realize significant tax-advantages by setting up your insurance through your corporation

Security is a priority

With a full life ahead of you, the road isn't always clear.


Guaranteed Coverage

We guarantee you will find coverage, no matter what health issues may have denied you in the past


Guaranteed Payout

Unlike other life insurance products, we ensure your life insurance claim can never be denied

Cost savings is a priority

Let us shop the market for you

Get advice on the best deal available for you.


Introducing, us:

Yan Charitar

Vice President of Operations,

Sales Director.

Jamari Craig

Operations Manager.

Gavin Charitar

Director, Small Business Program.

Kyle Durksen

Chief Operating Officer, Partner.

Jonathan Blacksmith

Chief Marketing Officer, Partner.

Hear From Our Clients

Mindy Chappell

I am not one to write reviews online, but I wanted to take a few minutes to share my experience with Umbrella Financial. My husband and I hadn't put much thought into life insurance prior to starting our own family, but once we had kids we decided that it was time to look into this. We really had no idea where to start, and were feeling overwhelmed by all the information online. The guys at Umbrella Financial were very patient with all of our questions and walked us through a number of options until we found a strategy that worked best for us. Thank you again!

Emilia M

I highly recommend these folks if you're looking for great comprehensible financial advice, especially if you're a young parent. What's more, these guys are pretty friendly and easy to chat with.

Evan Adams

Amazing people to work with and gave great financial advice. If you are someone like myself who, admittedly, is not the most well-versed in the more nuanced aspects of financial management I would definitely recommend checking out Umbrella Financial. Thanks again!

Time is a priority

A minute with us will save you time elsewhere

Nobody wants to spend more time thinking about life insurance than they have to. Live your life while we insure it.

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